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There is much more to public parks than being a green area. They frequently turn into hubs for entire towns. There are several parks in Sharjah since they constitute a crucial part of the city’s development. and we’re not grumbling at all! Interested in seeing Sharjah’s top parks?

The enormous amount of parks that are available in Sharjah makes it a renowned tourist destination. Approximately 50 parks, many of which are in Sharjah’s downtown, are a major draw for tourists. Now let’s take a look at a few of Sharjah’s parks.

Buhaira Corniche

Buhaira Corniche source: Holidify

Various visitors and locals visit the Corniche for just a picnic and a wonderful evening because the park offers many amenities like a running track and bicycle pathways. The park has good links to the full of the city. The best option for diners in Sharjah is Buhaira Corniche because of the variety of food available there. Several of the top sights include the Al Noor Mosque, which is close to a Buhaira Corniche, as well as Al Noor Island, which is connected to the shore by a bridge. In addition to them, the Novo theatres and Al Majaz Park are popular tourist destinations. For residents of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai it is the perfect long weekend because of all these factors.

Al Majaz Park

Al Majaz Park source: Gulf Today

Al Majaz Park in Sharjah, which is situated at the Al Majaz Seafront, is one of the city’s most well-liked family parks thanks to its well-kept lawns and assortment of kid-friendly attractions.

The park’s location is by far its greatest asset. Children’s play areas, a mini-golf course, Al Khalid Lagoon, and a miniature splash park with stunning beachfront fountains are all available. Additionally, there is indeed a jogging course for a good start to the say aerobic session, much like in a typical public park. With it all, it is a given that it is Sharjah’s top park.

With so many eateries on the Al Majaz Coastline, travelers won’t be let down. Additionally, a sizable portion of Sharjah’s best eateries is situated close to Al Majaz.

Arabian Wildlife Center

Arabian Wildlife Center source: Indians in UAE

It is identified as the first zoo in Arabia and was established in September 1999. It is home to about 100 types of animals that can be discovered on the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, the Center raises awareness of the endangered species of the peninsula.

In addition, the Wildlife Park features a Museum, a Children’s farm, and a Botanical Garden, Children may get up close and personal with pets at a farm for kids. Goats can be fed hay, and ducks can be seen pedaling inside the pool. A bird cage, fish tank, and a nighttime house are among the additional attractions.

Green Belt Women Park

Green Belt Ladies Park

We have some news for you, ladies! The Green Belt Park guarantees that women have a secure area to unwind and work out close to the natural world. And over 200 trees can be found throughout the 137 000 square meter park. You need a pass, which may be purchased for a little annual fee at the gate. Only women, girls, and young boys are permitted on the park’s grounds. Sharjah does not have any further women’s parks. Tourists to Sharjah can take advantage of excellent amenities like parks for kids and a running path at Green Belt Park. In addition, the park contains a cafe, a water lake, restaurants, fountains, restrooms, playgrounds, and a church.

Al-Safya Park

This park, which is situated in the Al Majaz neighborhood, is frequently overlooked by the more well-known Al Majaz Park. Despite this, it continues to rank among Sharjah’s greatest parks. The Sharjah park is a true delight, wonderfully kept with lush, well-kept landscaping.

Al Safya Park is a favorite with both kids and adults, but it’s well for having a basketball court as well as a sports field. To provide the smaller ones with plenty of room for enjoyment and play, there is also a designated kids’ playground. Perfect for locals of Al Majaz as well as the Al-Khaledia Suburb

Al Rolla Square park

While the first banyan tree was planted there in 1800s, Al Rolla Square is well known for its historic importance. In 2012, the local public may visit this style of the contemporary park with waterfalls and lagoons. One can see a long, green lawn that is ideal for walking, playing for children, and jogging. This park in Sharjah has been well and well-shaded thanks to the many Banyan trees that surround it. A spectacular huge gate just at the park’s entry adds to the landscape’s splendor.

Al Montazah Park

Al Montazah Park is a favorite spot for both tourists and locals. The Land of Legends as well as the Pearls Kingdom form the park’s outside perimeter. Although Pearls World is a family-friendly water park, Islands of Legends is a theme park. Dance flowers, pirates coast, time train, dragon discovery, kids’ sea, as well as mystery river are just a few of the rides, swings, and attractions that are available at the parks.

Al Ittihad Park

Al Ittihad Park is a great place for visitors to jog or practice yoga because it is situated directly in front of the King Faisal Mosque. It is identified by a 2.5-kilometer strip that features ponds, playgrounds, restaurants serving healthy food, and stores. With the distinctive pearl monument situated in the middle, it also offers fantastic photo settings.

Al Yarmook Park

The Halwan Suburb, the center of Sharjah, is home to this lovely family park. This park is especially kid-friendly and is regularly visited by those who live in Al Yarmook rental housing or Al Fayha inhabitants.

Kids can enjoy and practice the sport on basketball courts and soccer grounds, respectively. Adults jogging in the morning, as well as people working out, are regular sights. The park’s advantageous location offers a calm and refreshing environment for those looking to enjoy an outdoor picnic or a quick morning workout.

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