Freelance Visa Dubai: What is it, Requirements, Eligibility, Fees

Since 2020 has a silver lining, it is just that employers will realize that almost all work could be done to a high standard and on schedule without having to work for 8 hours more than days per week.

It offered workers a taste of operating without a regular commute as well as the freedom to manage their days that comes with working from home.

Following the global tendency, a recent poll conducted by the UAE career site with You Gov, titled ‘Entrepreneurial spirit in the North Africa Middle and East 2021,’ revealed that 62 percent of UAE citizens would choose to be self-employed if given the opportunity.

If you’re a UAE resident:

You only have a freelancer license to start to work if you are a UAE citizen on your partner’s or parent’s visa. By receiving a permit, full-time professionals in the UAE can become freelancers.

To qualify for a freelance license, you’ll need confirmation of your applicable skill set, as well as approval from every employer if you’re considering freelance as a side business.

If you’re not a UAE resident:

When you’re not a UAE native, you must qualify for a freelance visa, which is residency permission that allows you to operate as a freelancer in the UAE.

Requirements for a freelancer

Most freelancers have no stringent qualifications regarding professional experience. All you have to do now is gather the necessary papers and apply.

In general, the following documents are required:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa and Emirates ID (if you are already a UAE resident)
  • The current sponsor has not written an objection letter (if you’re already a UAE resident)
  • CV Portfolio of works with recent photos (if applicable)

A freelancing visa is a type of residence permit that wants to stay in the nation and work. To start lawfully working in the UAE, you’ll need work permission or a freelance license, as well as a freelance visa.

Please remember that if you are requesting to work in the education sector, you must provide documentation of educational achievements, that must be verified by the Foreign Ministry or the UAE Consulate in your home country. If you’re applying for a job in the media, you’ll also need to provide a portfolio or a sample of your performance.

When filing for a permit in the educational or technology sectors, you can only specify one operation.

Where can I get a UAE freelancing visa and permit?

There is numerous business registering authorities in the UAE. You have several choices, including obtaining a freelancing visa in Dubai or the other Emirate.

You have the very same freedom to work anywhere in the UAE, irrespective of where your permission and visa were obtained. The business operations and expenses that different licensing bodies give for freelancers are the main differences.

The freelancing permit, business card, and freelance visa all have distinct charges.

  • A freelance permit costs AED 7,500. (valid for 1 year)
  • The establishment card costs AED 2,000. (valid for 1 year)

If you want to apply for a 3-year freelance job visa in Dubai, follow these steps:

  • AED 4,960 for a standard visa
  • AED 6,340 for an express visa

Please keep in mind that the above fee for a freelance job visa covers your medical exam, visa stamp, and UAE ID.

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