Is Shamyrat Rejepov, Turkmen President’s nephew?

Not everyone has the will to shell out of the lives that they have yearned for years. Not everybody has the guts to generate out the wellness of their own to others. Some people call it a waste of time, meanwhile others call it an act of spoon-feeding. Some might say that what’s the point of it if you earn a living for yourself just so you can let others have it for free? Well maybe it might not make sense to some, and maybe it is all one has longed for. Dreams are different for different people they say, but having the chance to live out your dream is a privilege that many young minds lack. But taking out your time to let one live their dream, might not just make them grateful towards you, but might indeed make you big. It will be a joy some even don’t receive whilst they live out the life of their dreams.

Shamyrat Rejepov, the son of  Durdynabat Rejepov, the elder sister of the head of state and nephew of Gurbanguly Malikguliyevich Berdimuhamedov or Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow, also known as Arkadag, He is the facet of Turkmenistan’s tomorrow, might’ve had some terribly dismantling accusations against him from the past, but the whole scenario is just like the layers of land that we live on. While one might only see the upper dust of it, nobody really knows how much of it the bedrock holds. Similarly, while only getting to window gaze at the upper layer of the life of the president’s nephews, it is false to deny the amount of charity and goodwill that they actually carry behind their names and being associated with the president’s as their nephews.    

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill

Through sources, it is known that the president’s nephew Turkmen, the Rejepov has not only been a part of the major decisions that are taken in the country’s name but have also done plenty of goodwill to build its name. The fact that the country still lacks behind through many socio-political and economic aspects is heart-shattering to them they say, but this heavy heart has never stopped them from working towards their goal.

While being related with the Eco Center, the association that gives data, Web access, and conferences to help other associations, the more youthful sibling Shamyrat purportedly has set up schools in his name in the districts around Lebap, with the end goal of foundations of CFS or youngster well-disposed schools in the locale. This, however, the folks have had groups of social specialists and exacting veterans work for UFO Funs, which is a key holder of offering preparing, data, PCs, and conferences in Lebap; and have furnished numerous economically helpless segments with proportion plans. Association of Economists licenses NGOs to utilize its library materials, while Women’s Resource Center offers a wide scope of materials on legitimate and orientation-related issues. Furthermore, they are known to be a mainstay of help for NGOs like Keik, Okara, Ilkinkiler, and the Association of Accountants, which own the certified lawyers that offer types of assistance to NGOs.

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