List of Best Islamic Charities

Muslims attempt to be kind and modest in their philanthropic efforts, but in today’s environment of distrust and fear, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Some Islamic organizations have indeed been shut down as a result of allegations or confirmation that they diverted funding to terrorist organizations, making Muslims suspicious about where their money goes.

However, if you’re donating to a new foundation with a brief history, that’s always a good idea to do some research when sending a check. If you donate to a charity that supports extreme violence by accident, you risk being investigated by the authorities. So try your best to find the best Islamic charities but it can be a complicated thing. We’ve done some research and listed up some top Islamic charities:

The Association for Awareness and Comfort

 Clothing, food packages, infant formula, and materials to keep dwellings warm throughout the winter are provided by the Awareness and Contentment Association to vulnerable people in Lebanon, particularly refugee families. They distribute these necessities to hospitals, social centers, housing assistance, and primary care programs through its partners.

Islamic Center Dar Al-Hijra

Every year, the Dar Al-Hijra Islamic Center (DAH) in Falls Church, Virginia, distributes about 23,000 food packets to its patrons. DAH is a religious, educational, and communal facility dedicated to guiding the 1800 concerned citizens served by its social assistance system towards self-sufficiency.

Muslim Global Relief

Whether a tragedy is resulting from natural and man-made crises, famine, drought, climate change, or war, our devoted on-the-ground teams seek to prevent deaths and minimize suffering for young individuals, and communities’ families. Muslim Global Relief is a multi-award-winning Islamic charity with operations in more than 40 countries.

Melbourne Halal Food Bank

The Ansar Project, which assists asylum refugees and seekers in Australia, runs the Halal Food Bank Melbourne. Families sheltered by seven groups across Melbourne, Australia, get food boxes from the Food Bank. Millions of meals are distributed each month thanks to the efforts of volunteers who give food, cash, and time.

Life for Development and Relief (LIFE)

In 1992, Iraqi-American experts formed LIFE, a non-governmental organization that presently provides humanitarian support to people in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, and Sierra Leone. LIFE is a 4-star organization according to Charity Reviews. The LIFE website includes copies of their US government and UN credentials, as well as registration certificates for the nations where they work.

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Relief

ICNA Relief is a social humanitarian and rehabilitation organization that reacts to emergency and disaster situations both at home and overseas. It is a program of the ICNA. ICNA Relief provides special programs to assist the disadvantaged in North American neighborhoods.

Mercy–the USA for Development and Aid

Mercy–the USA is a non-profit humanitarian and rehabilitation organization that was established in 1986. Their efforts aim to improve global health and promote economic and educational development. Charity Reviews has given Mercy–the USA a 4-star score. Mercy–USA collaborates with UN agencies and government programs in the United States.

Pakistan’s Kubaib Foundation

Kubaib Foundation offers food and livestock for Qurbani, a Muslim religious slaughter, to those in need during the holidays. The organization also provides food, shelter, and clothing to catastrophe victims on the site. Kubaib Foundation Pakistan provides social and educational activities to convicts during the year. The organization also provides food for Qurbani to prisoners on Eid-ul-Adha.

Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid’s mission is to provide urgent long-term support and other humanitarian efforts to individuals who are suffering and need aid. Their main focus is on long-term development programs that address poverty’s core roots.

Egyptian Food Bank 

The EFB in Cairo, Egypt, distributes food and culinary basics to an estimated 250,000 people per month. EFB assists with the construction of school kitchens and the provision of food to guarantee that pupils are fed through the day. EFB also assists Egyptian Hotel Association members in packaging and donating unused food from buffets and gatherings to voluntary Organizations.

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