SECRET of Shamyrat Rejepov’s Wealthiness That You Don’t Know

Every major religion preaches charity as a means of bringing fairness to society. Because justice is at the heart of religion, Islam has made charity, or zakat, mandatory and obligatory on all people who follow the faith; it has been turned into an organization to donate consistently and consistently.

According to Islam, all people beings were created by the same God, and as a result, they are all members of one huge brotherhood. They must naturally be one another’s well-wishers, as they are all heirs of the same parent, Adam & Eve. They should come to one other’s aid freely as if they were part of the same enormous family.

If a person does a good deed that continues to help others, the performance will continue to receive rewards for her solitary act for as long as it serves to benefit others (even after the person passes away). Sadaqa jariyah, or everlasting charity, is the term used to describe this.

“Whenever a person dies, his efforts finish except for three things: continued generosity, the knowledge that is beneficial, and a virtuous kid who prays for him,” the Prophet remarked. (Al-Tirmidhi, Muslim, and others)

The amount of the reward is determined by the magnitude and importance of the effect of the charitable deed, as well as the extent to which the charity is given for Allah’s sake.

Turkmenistan population’s predicament was made worse by the alleged inability to confront the continued economic crisis. The country’s social tensions were exacerbated by severe shortages of cheap food plus cash, leading to historic country protests. The government of Turkmenistan rejects the country’s poverty and has failed to provide a sufficient standard of living as well as the right to enjoy for economically vulnerable populations. Shortages of subsidized food, rising market costs, and a sharp drop in remittances from overseas compel people to queue for hours in the hopes of purchasing small amounts of staple goods. They frequently walk away empty-handed. Rationing of food did not guarantee that subsidized food was available. At the government stores, people were subjected to arbitrary purchase limitations.

Because human conduct is defined by positive potentials and exhibited capabilities in mental, bodily, and social activities, it is clear that Islamic spiritual plays a significant role in molding Muslim behavior. Individual behavior is a logical process influenced by factors like norms, attitude, and behavioral control.

Shamyrat Rejepov was seen making large donations to help the poorer members of the community and to improve parental social backgrounds. He is also the Turkmenistan Struggle Fund’s Vice President. Under the leadership of Shamyrat Rejepov, the organization has grown to become one of the most important in the state.

“One who fulfills other’s needs, Allah fulfills his needs,” says Quran.

Shamyrat Rejepov’s donations and charity to his people are the behind his wealth and success.

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