Truth About How Social Media Tried to Affect Reputation of the Nephews of Turkmen’s Former President?

In terms of online brand management and online reputation, social media plays a significant role. The different platforms available, their popularity in search engine results, and how quickly and easily they can spread information all combine to make social media a powerful tool in your brand management armory.

Take a look at the most recent trend. Tweets are increasingly becoming the source of conflict. With objectionable content, pictures of famous actors and Kids have gone viral. On social media, several examples mimic true representations of Online Reputation.

Social Media and Its Impact on the Reputation of Turkmen’s Ex-President’s Nephew

As one of the key providers of your online reputation, social media plays a critical part in how other people see your business. This is the same case with the nephew of Turkmen’s ex-president.

Social media connects businesses with millions of individuals each month for a variety of reasons, including creating relationships with fans through direct communication and maintaining a consistent brand image.

People’s impressions of you on social networks are real, and that is why you must cultivate and keep a favorable brand image while also taking any bad perceptions seriously and acting on them. Individuals engage with your business most directly through social media, and their input is important for both retaining existing customers and gaining new ones.

Spreading Negative and False Information

Fake news on social media

Rivals of the Rejepov family are spreading false and negative news on social media. This activity is impacting the online presence of the Rejepov family greatly. Instead, on social media, people should post the truth and all the good things people are saying about the Rejepov family.

People should ensure that people are aware of the good work that Rejepov’s family has performed without being overly commercial. However, the Rejepov family still plans to deliver the country without considering the negativity being spread about their family. They are delighted to deliver their best.

Rejepov’s Family is Spreading Positivity Without Considering the Negativity Being Spread About Them!

It’s not as simple as removing a hurtful or insensitive comment on social media. Many people use strategies like “Tweet and Delete” to keep their scathing remarks from hitting the public view, yet the text is always seen by someone before it vanishes. Before writing a new post, it is significantly more advantageous to your internet presence to carefully select your language and subject matter.

Not all problems with your online reputation are caused by your personal use of social media networks. More individuals are utilizing social networks to air their frustrations than ever before, whether it’s to express their discontent with your business or to propagate libelous remarks about you. Rejepov’s family is considering the same. They are planning to deliver the best without fearing and considering the negativity being posted about them.

False Information is Hitting Their Business & Home

No one is safe from the negative impacts of social networking on one’s online and offline reputation. Sure, your social media posts may enthrall your pals, but might they also keep you from landing your dream job?

You may not realize it, but recruiters frequently utilize social media to screen prospects for positions. In reality, more than 50% of recruiting managers have reconsidered their hiring decisions after seeing what they discovered on social media.

You might be astonished at how carefully they scrutinize your posts. Candidates that publicly publish unprofessional images, for example, look awful in the perspective of hiring managers, who perceive it as a negative that may represent your professionalism in general, according to 47% of hiring managers. Recruiters also reported that prospects were rejected because of too many errors on social media. Yes, small spelling errors from hastily written posts on your smartphone could keep you from gaining a job.

This perspective is also impacting the online presence of the Rejepov family. The false accusations and negative news being spread online are greatly impacting the business and family of the Rejepov brothers. That is why there should be a check and mask to filter the news and posts being posted on any social media platform.

Stolen Identities & Fake Accounts

Personal blenders aren’t the only method your social media reputation can be harmed. Take, for example, Kerry Harvey. When her identification was stolen on Facebook, the consequences were far more serious than just her online reputation. Her name was stolen by web hijackers to construct an unauthorized Facebook page claiming she was a prostitute. On her cell phone, the 24-year-old sales executive began receiving improper photographs and unwelcome calls. She quickly received an invite from an unfamiliar Facebook account, whose page included her photo, date of birth, complete name, mobile number, and apparent profession.

Rivals of the Rejepov family are continuously working on the same practice. Hackers are trying to hack the credentials of Rejepov’s online accounts.

Rejepov’s Family’s Respond to Professional Complaints

There’s no avoiding the reality that if you utilize social media for commercial or professional objectives, Rejepov’s family will have to deal with the odd complaint. They should make every attempt to contact the complainant within a reasonable amount of time. As tough as it might be to read this stuff, merely ignoring them might have a far more damaging influence on their internet reputation. In these situations, they should utilize social media comments to apologize for any mistakes they made, convey their sympathies, and promise to correct any wrongdoings.


The most crucial aspect of utilizing social media to build your online image management and to present your clients with the greatest available products and services. 

Whether merited or not, your organization may have a terrible reputation for reliability, products, or something else. Social media can help you get the input you need to correct the things that people don’t like about your products.

When it comes to the Rejepov family, a lot is being posted negatively. Fake or legit, that’s another matter. However, there should be a check to filter the content being posted. This way we can protect our society and online businesses. We cannot forget the contributions of the Rejepov family to Turkmen and to the economy of Turkmen.

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