These Are the Best Escape Rooms in Dubai

The emirate has much more to offer than just those expansive shops, opulent hotels, and magnificent architecture. We can refer to them as the city’s utterly fascinating escape rooms. The escape games transport you to a thrilling environment that will undoubtedly test your instincts to the fullest extent.

Visitors and locals alike can check out the several escape rooms in Dubai while they are there.

The Countdown Challenge

No of what age, if you enjoy solving puzzles, check out the Countdown Challenge to put those talents to the mark!

There are five escape rooms there, all with varying difficulty. There is a 60-minute time limit to successfully escape from the rooms, which includes Basement, Escape Plan, Last Will, Stolen, and Crime Evidence! There are a total of 10 members in each squad.

In addition to birthdays and marriage proposals, The Countdown Challenge frequently conducts business and private gatherings.

Escape Hunt

Have you ever wished you were Sherlock Holmes? Visitors in the authentic Jack the Phantom adventure at Escape Hunt in Dubai take on the role of Victorian agents on the hunt for the infamous murderer. To solve the case and escape the room, you’ll have to look for hidden things, decipher hints, and complete puzzles. If you lose, they’ll certainly let you go. But doesn’t that just make everyone a little uncomfortable? Prison Break, a game at Escape Hunt that allows players to leave a locked jail and is placed in the middle of the 1970s, is another choice. In the meantime, The Bank Job portrays players as members of a notorious gang of jewel thieves who are planning to steal the Pink Star Gem in just 60 minutes.


The best escape room in Dubai is certainly NoWayOut, where you’ll be overwhelmed with puzzles and mysteries to solve to discover a way out. They have created escape rooms with differing degrees of difficulty which are influenced by various plotlines and intriguing subjects.

Without a doubt, NoWayOut’s most popular room is The Ring. You go on an adventure voyage where you examine crime scenes and answer puzzles about cybercrimes. The School of Magic, on either hand, makes you answer the Dark Lord’s puzzles to protect people.

Exclusive movie-themed escape rooms from NoWayOut include Psycho, Da Vinci, Maniac, as well as the Ring. To guarantee your survival, the Houdini chamber is a fantastic area to avoid traps, cuffs, and challenging puzzles. You have 60 minutes for each room to go through the obstacles.

To enjoy a game on NoWayOut, you need a group of two to six players. Additionally, it enables visitors to hold birthday parties, professional gatherings, hen and stag parties, and even marriage proposals. Undoubtedly, this is a fun way to celebrate!

Hungarian games

Hungarian Games is the finest gaming location for anyone looking for maybe escapes activities in Dubai that may need logical thinking, teamwork, and perseverance under duress. Enjoy some cutting-edge gaming where you can collaborate with others to find answers and decipher messages to open the door and escape. There is a haunting room with a mind-blowing story where tortured spirits are being imprisoned and you will also become imprisoned until you figure out what happened with the experiment. The next one forces you to confront your evil forces and transports you to a dark place within yourself. You might embark on an exhilarating underwater voyage in the third room where you have to collect the stolen Atlantis treasure. You would be handed a crime scene in the fourth chamber at the conclusion, where you can solve the murder mystery.

Escape reality Dubai

The next location on the ranking of escape rooms in Dubai is Escape Reality, where you may participate in an immersive real match. For an indoor location like Escape Reality, it provides 8 different escape rooms for a party of up to 48 participants every hour.

There is a Jungala for followers of The Jungle Books. There’s Fibonacci, which is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, a well-known mathematical formula. In this game, you play the part of a cryptologist who must unravel the mystery of enigmatic signs. The Fibonacci number sequence is connected to the symbols. The Machina, Enigmasta, Nosferatu, Apocalypse, and Alcatraz rooms are available in addition to these two.

Brain Games Dubai

Brain Game, which features several escape rooms in Dubai where you may play a variety of alternate activities with your loved ones, is situated close to ABCD Metro Station. There are four chambers there, centered on various themes with varying degrees of difficulty, including Prison Madness, Pablo Escobar, Around the World, and The Museum in 60 Minutes. When inside, your crew or you might use hints to leave the chamber. For example, you can have to take a crown in the Museum room, avoid a psychotic killer in the Prison Madness hall, or investigate a murder while assisting a tourist to travel the globe in the Around the World area. Per room, 2 to 6 people are needed, and they have 60 minutes to figure out how to escape. You’ll adore it.

Phobia Escape Rooms

Phobia may be the ideal location for you if you’re searching for a spot where you may engage in frightening encounters. In Phobia Dubai, players are assigned a task to release the spirit of a girl who was murdered in the very same room in a dark chamber. Helping Sherlock track down the nasty villains is another task at hand. The Sherlock vs the Ripper room is where this mission is completed. In Phobia’s immersive escape rooms, you are imprisoned in a detective’s home, underground bunkers, a museum, a home for psychopaths, or other bizarre locations from which you must find a way out and submit the task. You will have 60 minutes to gather all the information and then leave the room. It is preferable to form a group of at least two people before attempting to escape. Families should make sure that they accompany youngsters under the age of 14 if they want to bring them on the escape hunting experience. Children older than 14 can play unsupervised, though.

HintHunt Escape Rooms

The goal of HintHunt is to help you strike the ideal mix between enjoyment and knowledge. You can use your imagination to work through five separate live escape game rooms to solve riddles and solve a mystery. You have over an hour to find hints, work out puzzles, and escape. Games are also a great deal of fun. Because HintHunt Dubai is largely booked, be sure to reserve a stay in advance. You can find at least three players to join you in the game.

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