Top list of pet shops in Sharjah

Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or looking to get your first pet, the notion of going pet shopping may be rather thrilling. Fortunately, Sharjah has several pet stores where pet owners and animal lovers can indulge. Here are several venues in Sharjah where pet parents may indulge their furry and feathery family members, ranging from pet adoptive families to pet accessory outlets.

Sharjah Shelter

The Sharjah Shelter doesn’t fall under the category of Sharjah pet shops, but their attempts to re-home abandoned animals are admirable and worthy of notice. Its major goal also called the Sharjah’s Cat and Dog Shelter is to find homes for stray cats and dogs.

This facility is ideal for those looking for pets in Sharjah who need a home. The shelter holds adoption sessions to help anyone looking to adopt abandoned animals and even arranges school field trips to teach children about the value of doing so. Furthermore, thorough veterinary care and a hygienic housing facility guarantee that the pets are in good health before being rehomed.

 Al Waqar Ornamental Animals & Birds

Al Waqar Ornamental Animals & Birds is a pet shop in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. You may get detailed information about the PO Box, address, location, services, and other details here. Al Waqar Ornamental Animals & Birds is a well-known brand for Pet Shops in Sharjah. The P.O.Box: 27675, and the phone number for Al Waqar Ornamental Animals & Birds (Sharjah) is +971 6 5690712, Sharjah.

 Aquarium Lives

Aquarium Lives, one of Sharjah’s leading fish aquarium stores, also has an internet presence. Aquarium Lives is a registered trademark of the Pet Care chain of stores. Aquarium Loves Centre LLC, founded in 2000, is a well-known supplier of aquatic pets and pet items in the UAE.

Al Tella Pet Shop Sharaj

The Al Tella Pet Shop is a land-based shop that includes a variety of pet items. That’s one of many renowned pet accessory shops in Sharjah. Microchipping, treatments, grooming, as well as other services, are available at this famous pet supplies business. Pet carriers of various sizes, toys, bowls, scratching posts, as well as other items, are available. The Al Jubail Street store, which opened in 2001, is a good choice for those looking for pet products.

The Aquarium Lives confinement facility is a large facility in Sharjah that stocks marine creatures and supplies for consumers. Another pet shop in Sharjah is much more public and offers a variety of fish and pet supplies from well-known worldwide companies.

 Al Reem Caring Center For Pets

Al Reem Pets Caring Centre rounds off our list of great Sharjah pet shops. This establishment, which also serves as a Sharjah’s pet shops and grooming service, provides a large variety of flea treatment items, pet food, and toys. We wish that our guide to pet stores in Sharjah, has helped you find a furry buddy and the supplies you have to spoil it to your heart’s delight. Do you have a pet and live in Abu Dhabi? You’ll be spoilt for choice with our list of renowned pet stores in Abu Dhabi.

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