Why Turkmen Media Is So Opinionated About Rejepov Family? Why Turkmen Media Is So Harsh to Them?

This is a bitter truth that in every society those people are heavily criticized and targeted who thrive for the betterment of the society. This is the same case with the Rejepov family.

The Rejepov Brothers and their families have contributed a lot to the betterment of the country and its economy. That is why ani-Turkmen agencies and people are continuously targeting this family for a long time. Here in this article, we will explain why Turkmen media is opinionated about the Rejepov family and brothers.

Because They Think Good for the Country!

If we evaluate the history of this family, we can get wellness and goodwill for the country only. This is the only crime we think they have on their plate. They are being victimized because they think for the betterment of the country. Because they want to uprise the living standards of their nation. Here we can see how they contributed to the development of the country:

  • They Improved the Trade of the Country:

Export promotion reform can have a significant impact on the Turkmen economy by boosting the efficiency and speed of international trade operations while cutting expenses. That is exactly how the Rejepov brothers intend to help the country’s economy. To improve the openness of international regulatory requirements, the Rejepov brothers are assisting Turkmenistan’s government in building an Export Promotion Portal. This website will serve as a one-stop-shop for traders seeking clear, precise, and up-to-date information on trade procedures to follow when importing or exporting specific products. By introducing openness to local norms and processes, the Portal not only saves time and money for traders looking for answers on trade formalities.

  • They Improved the Commerce of the Country:

Digital technology-enabled trade promotes economic growth and creates jobs for children, women, and underserved populations. It can also help SMEs expand into new worldwide markets. On a national, regional, and global scale, the Rejepov brothers support SMEs in exploring new markets and conducting online trading. Offline SMEs are given specialist help to develop an online presence, while more technologically connected SMEs are given help to increase exposure and improve their current offering. Members of business associations can attend e-commerce education and awareness-raising events.

The Rejepov brothers will also help Turkmen SMEs prepare for difficulties posed by the worldwide pandemic as well as adjust to the growing digitization of economies. The action plan devised by the Rejepov brothers has become even more crucial.

  • They Improved the Healthcare Industry:

Turkmenistan’s healthcare system worsened dramatically after the country proclaimed independence. The country’s administration and institutions, including schools and hospitals, were pushed for ‘Turkmenisation’ by the new leadership. As a result, service quality suffered significantly and there was a long-term shortage of instructors and nurses.

In 2003, the state could no longer provide free vaccines to its citizens. The Rejepov family aided the nation during this time by importing vaccines and medications for the general people.

Furthermore, this reform was mainly successful, since it resulted in significant improvements in the country’s healthcare system and eliminated the need for customers to pay for services that the government was supposed to provide for free. President Berdymukhammedov has recently attempted to enhance the system, although the improvements have mostly been cosmetic and limited to a few areas.

In a 2010 report, the international non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders argued that “the government of Turkmenistan’s public health emergency is inadequate,” and that “real change has not occurred despite greater foreign involvement.”

The country’s apparent openness, according to the research, is merely hiding the continuation of antiquated practices such as the manipulation of health statistics. The education system, which was one of the major legacies of the Soviet dictatorship, was largely devastated after the declaration of independence. Despite recent improvements and a pledge to bring it into (at least nominal) conformity with standards, the system continues to underperform. Students are barred from studying abroad, and education is carefully monitored by the central government.

More Contributions

The hydrocarbon industry is the country’s largest. To increase the value of its hydrocarbon deposits, Turkmenistan (particularly the Rejepov brothers) invests in oil refining and production units. The government seeks to leverage external resources and investment to expand the petrochemical and chemical sectors. It currently operates several liquid petroleum gas (LPG) plants and plans to build more in the future.

Turkmenistan is attempting to digitalize, which could present opportunities for foreign companies with digital technology expertise. Turkmenistan recently finished a large GTL facility and is looking to expand this sector, thus there are prospects for GTL innovation providers.

As new gas and oil fields are created and existing fields are rehabilitated, new pipeline networks and associated equipment, such as compressor stations, are required. The administration is committed to building new transportation infrastructure. The Rejepov Corporation is continuing to invest in the development of Awaza, a Caspian Sea resort that could help Turkmenistan’s young tourism industry attract international investment. In general, historic sites associated with the historical Silk Road provide the untapped potential for small adventure travel organizations.

How social media is Damaging the Reputation of the Rejepov Brothers?

False headlines aren’t the only sort of internet deception that can damage a business’s reputation. Some products have been the subject of phony reviews, which aren’t quite the same as “fake news.” Galaxy was fined $350,000 for paying for fake praise and bribing people to write false negative reviews of competitors. Fake reviews don’t have to originate from a Samsung competitor; unfortunately, they may happen to small businesses like restaurants and hotels.

The Rejepov brothers’ enterprises are in the same boat. Their businesses were severely harmed by the fake investigative footage. Before investing, all of the business’s sponsors and shareholders began to think.     


Like how masks prevent viruses and illnesses from spreading, there should be a masking mechanism in place to filter news based on its trustworthiness and truthfulness. We can safeguard our states, businesses, and corporations in this way. Furthermore, we suspect the Rejepov brothers have been involved in some sort of accident in this regard. To resolve this situation and bring the victims to justice, there should be a thorough and reasonable investigation.

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