What’s the Net Worth of Saif Ahmed Belhasa?


The CEO of the ‘Saif Belhasa Group,’ Saif Ahmed Belhasa, is an Emirati entrepreneur. Belhasa has a diverse range of businesses in industries such as advertising, energy, technology, trading, transportation, real estate, and education. The ‘Belhasa Group of Companies is a major contributor to the United Arab Emirates’ industrial prosperity (UAE).

Saif Ahmed Belhasa is a Dubai businessman who is among the most accomplished and wealthy. The coveted ‘CEO Middle East Corporate Growth Award’ was given to Belhasa in 2007. He was ranked 38th on the list of “The Strongest Arabs” in 2013. Belhasa was nominated to the ‘World’s 100 Best Influential Arabs’ list by the ‘Arabic Business publication in 2014.

Belhasa is the owner of Dubai’s greatest pool construction firm, which won seven prizes at the 2011 Master Pool Guild Awards Ceremony.

Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s Net worth

Belhasa’s overall net worth is expected to reach around $2.1 billion by 2022.

How did Belhasa become a billionaire?

Saif made the most of his income on his own. A driving school was one of his early companies. He would personally present a driver’s license to one successful student until now. Belhasa is a diligent worker who arrives at his office at 6 a.m. His company is now worth billions, and yet he still works as hard as he did when he first started.

In one discussion, Saif Ahmed Belhasa stated that he intends to buy a yacht shortly. It should be a simple chore for him, given his cash flow from several companies ranging from real estate projects to recruitment agencies, but it just goes to illustrate his humility.

Education and Business

Saif Ahmed Belhasa has been born in the UAE in 1966. He moved on to seek higher studies in the USA after graduation from ‘Al Ain University in 1988. Belhasa returned to Dubai and resumed his father’s business, which was founded in the 1960s.

He spent several years at his family’s company, acquiring experience and knowledge in every field. After assuming over his father’s estate, he became the firm’s managing partner. In 2001, Saif Belhasa Holdings Corporation was formed by Belhasa. His original business, ‘Belhasa Driving School,’ which began with 15 automobiles, is still dear to him.

His father founded the Saif Bayelsa Group of enterprises in 1960, and Saif Ahmed Belhasa is the CEO. It has about 23 locations in diverse industries. After joining the company and gaining experience, Saif Ahmed was promoted to general manager.

Within and without the Middle East, the Saif Ahmed group today has over thirty companies in retailing, travel and hospitality, real estate, construction materials, steel, training, metal, advertising, and fashion.


Saif Ahmed Belhasa is famous for his charity efforts. Even during Pakistan Floods, Belhasa gave financial assistance to the ‘Pak Flood Relief Programs,’ which was set up with the primary purpose of supporting flood victims.

  Al Noor Training Centre for Children who need special care, Manzil Center, and Dubai Autism Center are among the organizations to which he has contributed.

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