Who Is Serdar Berdimuhamedow? Get the Complete Details.

Serdar Berdimuhamedow was born on September 22, 1981) is the third and reigning president of Turkmenistan, having taken office on March 19, 2022.

However, nothing is revealed about the 40-year-personality. He seldom ever talks in front of an audience. He has spoken mindlessly from his scripts on the few times he has given addresses outside of the United States. Serdar is glum and has indulged in nearly none of his dad’s outdoor activities, whilst Gurbanguly attempts to exude a bright avuncular exterior.

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  • Education

Serdar earned his bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the Turkmen’s State University Of agriculture in 2001. He studied diplomacy at the Russian Foreign Agency’s Diplomatic Academy and served at the Turkmen’s Embassy in Moscow from 2008-to 2011.

The following years were a whirlwind tour of occupations that appeared to be geared to prepare Serdar for his eventual role as leader of the land. He served as assistant head of the state agency in charge of managing the state’s sources of energy for 3 years, from 2012 – to 2013. He was the chief of the Foreign Ministry’s communications section for two years, from 2016 to 2017. He was elected a member of the national parliament in December 2016.

Since March 2018, when he had been appointed deputy minister of foreign affairs, he has held a string of critical positions. He was appointed deputy president of his home Ahal provincial capital in January 2019, and afterward governor six months later. He served as Industry Director for one year before moving on to his present role as deputy chairman with responsibility for economic matters in February 2021. Serdar has taken multiple travels abroad since commencing this last employment, and he has progressively operated as his dad’s unofficial proxy.

Outside of the president, any Turkmen figure can only go so far. The president also serves as the head of the Council, hence there is no such thing as a prime minister.

  • Career

He shall serve for seven years, according to Turkmenistan’s Charter, and will succeed his family Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who has been acting president since December 2006.

In his commencement speech, Serder Berdimuhamedov stated, “Our major aim is to achieve peace and stability in our dear motherland, economic progress, and further development in the standard of living of our people.”

He promised to improve public welfare for Turkmens by focusing his government’s attention on topics like salary, pensions, grants, and social aid.

Turkmenistan would also seek to foster “worldwide harmony and mutual understanding,” he said. So according to official numbers released on Tuesday following an unexpected change in counting, the fairly young Berdimuhamedov, 40, received 72.97 percent of the vote in the poll, far clear of his nearest challenger, Khyrdyr Nunnayev, who received 11 percent.

Until his father declared the emergency vote last month, he had been serving as vice-chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan. Shortly just after the data was released, President of Russia Vladimir Putin has been among the international leaders to greet the winner.

Putin called the senior Berdymuhamedov firstly, who then transferred the phone to Serdar, and received Putin’s congrats on “a convincing win,” according to state news agency TDH.

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